Here at we have over 6 years’ experience in the deer antler business.

We can supply you with freshly gathered, naturally shed, hard antlers that we collect in Swiss, Germany and other European countries during the springtime.

Red deer antlers (cervus elaphus) Every year we export worldwide more and more tonnes of graded antlers.  ​​​

Naturally, we supply you with full documentation required for your importation: Sanitary certificate, Certificate of origin, EU Traces certificate for intra-community orders.

RED DEER ANTLERS (cervus elaphus)

Grade A

Antlers Grade A are large, fresh and hard with a good colour.

Length  75-85cm, Burr diameter 5-7cm, Weight  <750 grammes

Grade B 

Antlers Grade B are equally as fresh and hard as grade A

The only aspects that sets them apart is that they are smaller antlers and may not have such a rich colour.  

Length  50-70cm, Burr diameter 3-5cm, Weight  >750 grammes


Braulia Trade GmbH

Josef Soukup CEO

Vorarska 2075 Praha – Czech republic

European Union

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